Services and Rates

High-quality copyediting, proofreading, and Latin for your personal and professional needs
What I Proofread and Copyedit
  • Academic articles and books in the humanities and social sciences, with specialties in history, religious studies, and theology

  • Popular nonfiction from blogs to books with specialities in education, history, religion, and spirituality

  • Genre fiction including historical fiction, fantasy, and mystery

  • Theses and dissertations with written permission from your advisor

Guaranteed Turnaround Time
  • Speed and precision are Peregrine PhD priorities

  • Need work done by a particular deadline? Contact me to see if I can accommodate you

  • Short work can often be returned in less than 48 hours

  • Contracts come with binding time estimates upon request

Rates for Services
  • Proofreading and copyediting are 2¢ to 7¢ per word depending on the level of service

  • Latin translation is $35/hour; binding estimates are available upon request

  • Available for limited freelance writing at $35/hour

  • 30% deposit required on any job over $300

Latin-to-English Translation
  • Specializing in medieval and ecclesiastical Latin documents

  • Please have the text as a PDF or Word file

  • No homework please

Editing Options and Rates

How can I make your writing shine? Choose the level of editorial support to fit your needs.

Proofreading (2¢ per word): Basic check for spelling and grammar for final drafts or proofs

Light (3¢ per word): Proofreading plus imposing or creating a consistent style manual, revisions of egregious errors, and flagging of other potential issues

Medium (5¢ per word): For those who want to improve the effectiveness of their writing, this service goes beyond fixing errors to helping you find your voice and write compellingly

Heavy (7¢ per word): Substantial rewriting for those who struggle with writing, are still learning idiomatic English, or simply do not have time to rework a rough draft

Contact me today for a price quote or to set up a consultation