Peregrine PhD

Making your ideas come alive using my years of experience as a teacher, scholar, reader, and writer

Editing and Writing with Dr. Eric Shuler

brown wooden book shelves with books
brown wooden book shelves with books

Copyediting and proofreading for both academic and popular writing from blogs to books

Specialization in copyediting education, history, religion, spirituality, and genre fiction

Latin-to-English translation specializing in medieval and ecclesiastical Latin

Why Work with Peregrine PhD?

Precision and speed—these two characteristics mark the magnificent peregrine falcon. Peregrines can dive at speeds of well over 200 mph and snatch prey from midair. Peregrine PhD Editing and Writing offers that same guarantee of precision and speed.


  • PhD University of Notre Dame (Medieval Studies) and BA magna cum laude Cornell University (History and Religious Studies)

  • Poynters ACES Certificate in Editing and member of ACES (formerly the American Copy Editors Society)

  • Four years in higher education teaching and engaging in scholarly research

  • Eight years teaching in college preparatory schools helping students find their voices



Grammar and spelling check before final submission or publication

$0.02 per word


Proofreading plus assistance in achieving clarity in your prose and consistency in your style; choose between light, medium, and heavy editing

$35 per hour


Latin translation for academic work; also available as a supplement with editing

$0.03 per word

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level?